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Member Pre-Sign Up Launch 1-1-2013

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Please review the short presentation on this page and if you would, take our survey afterward. 
At Check Your Cloud, we continue to listen to what the people want and are nearing completion of the system to support it! 
Together, we can build a network that will work in today's crazy and ever changing online and mobile world. 

We believe that if you call out for an ad or information, you should not have to give up your information to get information.
Our new platform will allow for just that. Your mobile number and online identity should always be, just yours. 

Please contact us direct at the email or phone below should you have further questions. 
Hope to see ya on our cloud some day soon!
Please Click Here To Take Our Short Follow Up Survey.
Your Opinion is Very Important to Us in Bringing Check Your Cloud to Your Area. 

Contact:        Phone: 646-243-8628
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