Wild Critter Media - Check Your Cloud - Business Survey

Welcome. Please take the time to read each of the 11 questions below and answer them to the best of your knowledge and/or opinion. We look forward to launching our new platform soon and your input is of value to our efforts of bringing it to all areas.

If you do not use these, but use other kinds of marketing ads, please type in the area response box for other.

Relative to both costs and ways in which you can be found on the web.

If a consumer has to find you, is it as simple as typing in your business name for results? or do they have to dig deeper to find you in a search?

Media formats meaning your print, video, printable coupons, audio and texts advertising.

Meaning - you asking for their number at the check out counter, or your website while disclosing how you will use it.

This can be from website, adwords and pay per click ads, specialty directories, local search etc...

Can choose more than one if they apply.

Meaning the time of impact use quickly falls off once seen or heard. Less likely to be saved by recipient.

Inclusive of delivering all forms of advertising media you use today such as mobile texts, audio, video, print ads etc....